Change Agents

Students become partners in re-imagining school culture.

Change Consultants

Students “stress test” educators’ change ideas about college access.

Classroom Observers

Students collect, analyze, and report on systematic classroom observation data.

Design Camp

To strengthen post-secondary planning, high school graduates and counselors collaborate at design camp.

Design Collaborative

Students and teachers developed lessons about racial identity through a collaborative on race and racism.

Empathy Interviews

School teams conduct monthly empathy interviews with students in order to ground their work in student experiences.

Feedback Loops

Students and families continuously inform improving Black students’ school experience.

Student Survey

Student survey data about developmental relationships inform the work of network teams.

Student Voice

Student voice has become embedded in a school’s culture.

Teacher Fellows

Teachers use multiple feedback methods to center students’ perspectives and test changes to curriculum.

Youth Ambassadors

A student group uses continuous improvement to solve complex problems they see in their schools.

Student Network

In a regional student network, students used continuous improvement strategies to identify a problem and test change ideas.